What comes in the kit?

Kit Contents:

Under bonnet frame (two parts)
Two side flasher covers
Boot lid
Boot under frame
Rear clam
Badge kit
Bonnet stay
Boot lid actuator switch
Grill mesh
Bonnet release pull
Build manual

The GRP mouldings are supplied with captive fittings in position. The two bonnet components are test fitted to our Z3 rig and prebonded. The finish is plain gel coat, mould line flash is removed but you need to trim to fit and do final fairing before spraying.

You need to source: Fiat 500 headlights, Fiat 500 lower fog/sidelights, Porsche 911 996 rear lights (clear reversing light version), Porsche rear light bulb holder loom and rear number plate. 

For a narrow body donor you also need wide body sills or our conversion mouldings, wide body fuel cap or our replacement moulding, preferably wide body rear arch liners but narrow ones can be made to fit. 

If pre 2000 donor, BMW Z3 later model centre brake light.