Does the Bertini GT25 kit fit all Z3 models?
        Yes. 1996-2002, Z3, Z3M.
        Facelift (2000) and pre facelift 2.8l 6 cylinder models are recommended (slimmer rear on older 4 cylinder models make fitting more difficult and needs extra parts).

What's included?
        GRP mouldings with captive fittings in place – bonnet with under bonnet bonded in place, 2 side flasher covers, boot lid with underframe in place, rear clam.
        8 badge kit (bonnet, boot, steering wheel, gear shift, 4x wheel centres.
        Bonnet stay, boot actuator switch, grill mesh, bonnet release pull.
        Build manual.

 What other parts do I need?
        Fiat 500 headlights.
        Fiat 500 lower fog/beam/side lights.
        Porsche 911 996 rear lights (version with clear reversing light window) with bulb holder loom.
        Eunos roadster size rear number plate.
        For narrow body donor – wide body sills or our conversion mouldings, wide body fuel cap or our replacement moulding, preferably wide body rear arch liners but narrow ones can be made to fit.
        If pre 2000 donor, BMW Z3 later model centre brake light.

 What happens with the exhaust?
        The standard exhaust is too long to fit the Bertini GT25 kit.
        You can remove the back box and weld straight through pipes (cheap and sounds awesome) or you can get a SS system fabricated (ProRace exhausts etc).

 What modifications would you recommend doing to the Z3 after the kit is fitted?
        Suspension lowering springs & dampers (Eibach and Bilstein make good kits).
        Standard bushes replaced with polyurethane, particularly on the front wishbones.
        The Bertini Brace range will improve the cornering (front radiator brace, front strut brace, rear upper and lower braces).

 Deposit and payment?
        1000 non-refundable deposit and balance 2 weeks before collection.

 Is the car lighter?
        Yes. Approximately 40kg.

 How long will it take to build?
        Once the donor is stripped and prepared, the main panels will bolt on. Time will need to then be taken to fit and wire up the lights, add the washer jets, fit the boot catch and do some final trimming. It could be ready for 
         finishing and painting in 24hrs by someone with some kit car construction experience. The gel coat will then require finishing and the flash lines removed prior to painting. This is best done by the paint shop.

 What support do I have?
        The Build Manual is supplied with all standard kits.
        We are a phone call away to help.

 What bonding is needed?
        The only bonding required is the small covers that need to be bonded around the side flashers. This is best done by the paint shop as they can use this to help line up the bonnet.

 How much is a donor car?
        A poor/damaged car can be less than 1000, an average 100,000 miles 4 cylinder is about 1500, a good 100,000 miles 6 cylinder 2500, an excellent low miles 6 cylinder 3500+ (Z3M's range from 7000 - 20,000).

How much are the unused BMW parts worth?

        A standard Z3 can yield about 1000 but a mint Z3M will fetch a lot more.

How much will it cost to build?
Budget Buil
        Z3 cost 1500
        Kit cost 3650
        Paint Z3 colour 2000
        Headlights 80 (eBay, Amazon, breakers, etc.)
        Fog/side lights 80 (eBay, Amazon, breakers, etc)
        Porsche rear lights 100 (eBay, Amazon, breakers, etc)
        Lighting connectors 50 (eBbay, Amazon, breakers, etc)
        Filler cap 15 (if needed)
        Brake light 40 (if needed)
        Bulbs etc. 20
        Parts resale say 1000
        Which gives a total in the region of 7000.

 What model of Z3 should I go for?
        All the BMW engines are fine. The 4 cylinder models will be cheaper but the early 1.8l was a bit underpowered. The 6 cylinders engines are best for performance with the 2.2 and 2.0
        having a good mix of power and fuel economy.

 Wheel options?
        BMW Z3's came with 16 or 17 inch wheels but 18 and 19 inch will fit with lower profile tyres.
        Avoid the run-flat tyres that come on many second hand sets of BMW wheels.
        The Bertini front and rear width is the same as the wide-body 2.8, so all wheels designed for a Z3 will fit the Bertini.
        BMW Z3s had 5x120 PCD with 72.5 centre core. Z3 & Z3M have a front ET of 41,4 cylinder Z3s have a rear ET of 41, 6 cylinders ET 37, while Z3M an ET of 8.
        Most BMW wheels will fit - but rear spacers may be required (Z4 108's have 2cm rear spacers).

 Will the Z3 hardtop fit on the Bertini?
        Yes, but make sure you purchase the BMW hardtop fitting kit with the hardtop.

  Is an IVA or re-registering needed?
        No IVA as it is a body panel replacement kit, but the DVLA will need to be contacted regarding re-registering.